Are your treatments relaxing?

Although my treatments prioritise restoration over relaxation, many of the techniques I use trigger the body's 'relaxation response’. This can be both invigorating and deeply relaxing at the same time and the fact that this comes from making real changes in the body means that many clients continue to experience these feelings long after the treatment has ended.

Does Functional Massage hurt?

No, definitely not. The greatest work can be achieved by working with you within your individual comfort-zone as your muscles will be relaxed. This allows me to penetrate to the deepest levels of musculature.

Everybody's tolerance for pain is different and will even differ day-to-day for the same individual - I work closely with my clients to elicit the greatest amount of improvement while making sure you remain completely within your personal comfort zone at all times.

Some clients may prefer some short-term discomfort in order to rectify their problems more quickly, other clients prefer to take things more slowly but may require more treatments. How we work together is always up to you, the client.

I don't have anything particular wrong with me, should I still come and see you?

Absolutely!! Although most people only look for massage once they are in pain, it has been proven that therapeutic massage is something all our bodies need on a regular basis.

As well as the general health benefits of massage, Functional Massage also attempts to identify and fix conditions in the body before they turn into injuries. We all carry little pockets of tension around with us as a result of the things we do on a daily basis, addressing these areas on an on-going basis allows you to keep performing at your best.

How soon after injury should I get treatment?

That will depend on the exact injury and it's severity. In general massage should be avoided until the 'acute phase' of the injury has passed - this may take anywhere between 2-10 days and will be characterized by swelling, redness and excessive pain in the injured area.

There are many things you should be doing at this stage however. I am always happy to advise people on how to treat their injuries during the early stages so please call me if you would like some completely free advice.

After the acute phase has passed (2-10 days), massage should be sought quickly as it provides an important aspect of the rehabilitation process. It will help to restore lost range-of-motion to joints, rebuild strength and stimulate healing in the injured area.


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