What is Functional Massage?

Hi, I’m Zizzi. Since discovering the power of massage to heal problems in the body I have been on a mission to grow and share these benefits with others.

Functional massage is a collection of hands-on techniques that together effect real changes in the body. It can be used to target specific injuries and conditions but is also great for looking after your general health and well-being. And because it’s massage, it feels great!


You may be suffering from a bad back, a sporting injury, or simply struggling to get through the day. Whatever your story, Functional Massage can be used to address the problems in your body that are holding you back.

These treatments are combined with formal assessment methods that seek to understand exactly why your body is functioning the way it is and identify root-causes. In addition, I offer home-care routines and advice that empower you to improve your condition by yourself.

Sports massage doesn’t need to feel cold and clinical and it definitely shouldn't be painful. By respecting the limits of your individual comfort-zone we can do the greatest work and trigger the power of the most advanced tool we have available for healing, your own body!

Why It Works

In the same day I might work with a tri-athlete preparing for an Ironman, a nurse with a bad back, a mum suffering from fatigue or a grandad trying to keep up with his grandchildren.

Whether you suffered a sudden injury, a gradual increase in symptoms or a long-running condition that keeps coming back; it's likely there is a 'non-ideal' situation somewhere in the body that will also be affecting how you feel as a whole. This might be tension or scar-tissue from previous injuries.

Breaking down muscular tension and scar-tissue allows those parts of the body to heal naturally and once again function correctly. Flexibility can return and we are able to use stretching and strengthening to return things to their original state.


The same techniques I use to help a professional footballer recover for their next match can help you recover for your next week at work or your next day with the children.

Although your symptoms, goals and treatments may be different, the underlying approach remains the same:

  • - treat immediate symptoms
  • - identify and address root-causes and patterns of disfunction
  • - remove physical barriers - tension, trigger-points, fascial adhesions etc.
  • - promote the removal of waste products in the body
  • - stimulate the body's natural repair mechanisms
  • - re-establish the connection between body and nervous system


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zizzi zemro functional massage facebook button

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