We run for a variety of reasons

For some of us its a way to clear our heads, for others its the way you feel afterwards, some of us are driven by the decreasing times on their Garmin.

But most of all we run because of how it feels. When you're strong, balanced and light all in the same moment, it’s hard to feel any more alive! So when our ability to run gets taken away from us it can have a dramatic affect on our lives.

Running itself feels so natural but running in a man-made environment is hard on the body

Running itself feels so natural but running in a man-made environment is hard on the body. Concrete takes its toll on the strongest of knees while our shoes, our jobs and our personal running style all contribute to a gradual build-up of tension. The repetitive nature of running means that even injury-free runners often carry an unhealthy level of tension in their calves and hamstrings.

Tension inevitably leads to injury, when you start to get niggles anywhere in your body its a sign that you need to address something. Resting will often improve things but as soon as you get back to the same level the problems come back. If you want to push yourself as far as you can or if you simply want to be able to keep running for years to come then you need to address the damage that running is doing.

I know how to treat runners mostly because I am one. Having trained at a very high level and gone through my own journey with injury I know what causes problems but also how to fix them. I’ve worked with all kinds of runners, from weekly Parkrun-ers to elite-level marathon runners. The mileage may vary but the ways I help them is remarkably similar. It doesn’t matter where you are on your running journey - your body is dealing with the same challenges and stresses.

If you’re running regularly and starting to notice some niggles then we can work together to keep you injury-free. If you have a new or on-going injury then we can focus on giving you a proper recovery in the shortest time possible.



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